Best Underrated Theaters In Los Angeles

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Scott Lasky conducts The Famous Players Orchestra as they “narrate” the Laurel and Hardy short Habeas Corpus. Joe Rinaudo hand-cranks his 1909 Powers Cameragraph. (Facebook)


Los Ange­les is the birth­place of Hol­ly­wood, and it only stands to rea­son that we have more than our fair share of lux­u­ry mul­ti­plex­es and reper­to­ry hous­es play­ing all the clas­sics. But where does one turn to if Cine­fam­i­ly or the New Bev­er­ly is too far out of the way, or if you’re look­ing for some­thing a lit­tle more adven­tur­ous to watch on the big screen? Here, we’ve list­ed some of the more under-the-radar the­aters in Los Ange­les that may have escaped your atten­tion. Make a night in with Net­flix a last resort with one of these the­aters that you prob­a­bly haven’t been to.

A church in Bur­bank might be the last place you’d expect to see a movie, but once in a while it hosts a must-see event for any cinephile in L.A. While pro­ject­ing silent films on 35mm from a hand-cranked pro­jec­tor, the Famous Play­ers Orches­tra pro­vides the musi­cal accom­pa­ni­ment, giv­ing you the clos­est expe­ri­ence to what it was like to go out to the movies dur­ing the hey­day of the silent era. For­get see­ing movies at a ceme­tery in Hol­ly­wood — this is the most unique moviego­ing expe­ri­ence in Los Ange­les.

Famous Play­ers Orches­tra holds their events at the Christ Luther­an Church at 2400 W. Bur­bank Blvd. in Bur­bank. Check the Famous Play­ers Orches­tra site for their event sched­ule.

Carman Tse is a diehard Giants fan living in Los Angeles as well as a freelance arts and culture writer and former editor-in-chief at LAist. Follow him on Twitter at @CarmanTse.

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