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Welcome to the Silent Cin­e­ma Soci­ety. This is  a com­mu­ni­ty of, by and for every­one who is fas­ci­nat­ed and enter­tained by the his­to­ry, sci­ence, tal­ent, machin­ery, preser­va­tion, pre­sen­ta­tion and of course the films of the silent cin­e­ma era.

Whether it’s the edu­ca­tion, enter­tain­ment or involve­ment that you are here for, wel­come to the Silent Cin­e­ma Soci­ety. Sit back and “enjoy the show” on each page of this web­site. You are wel­come to hiss and boo (in oth­er words, leave some com­ments). And ladies, please remove your hats.

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Lights! Camera! Action!

This web­site is just the pix­e­lat­ed por­tion of the com­mit­ment each of us has in keep­ing silent cin­e­ma alive. Many of us actu­al­ly splice film, refur­bish titles, oil pro­jec­tors, and hand-crank the entire show. Some of us induce emo­tion, whether com­i­cal or trag­ic, on the pipe organ or piano. Some pro­vide the venues — from grand the­atres and pipe organs to grass seats and garage walls — for the itin­er­ant pro­jec­tion­ist to enter­tain his audi­ence.

Many of the audi­ence mem­bers are already fans of silent cin­e­ma, but what’s espe­cial­ly reward­ing is when those who are intro­duced for the first time say they enjoyed it even more than today’s movies and TV shows. That’s the real pay-off. Hope­ful­ly all of us will share our enthu­si­asm with oth­ers, keep­ing the inter­est in silent cin­e­ma alive for gen­er­a­tions to come.

The Silent Cinema Society website is intended to serve many purposes:

  • Enlight­en and enter­tain regard­ing the his­to­ry (and triv­ia) of the silent cin­e­ma era.
  • Share tech­ni­cal tips on the preser­va­tion and pre­sen­ta­tion of film, pro­jec­tors, foto­play­ers, and any­thing relat­ed to silent cin­e­ma.
  • Even­tu­al­ly a non-prof­it will be estab­lished to enable us to keep doing what we love: research­ing, col­lect­ing, restor­ing, edu­cat­ing and enter­tain­ing.
  • Most of all, the Silent Cin­e­ma Soci­ety was found­ed to gath­er a com­mu­ni­ty where we can swap sto­ries, exchange ideas, learn tech­niques, trade films, find resources, and make new friends.

Whether you are an indus­try pro­fes­sion­al, hob­by­ist, film stu­dent, or novice with a flick­er of inter­est in the silent mag­ic lantern, thank you for join­ing us.

Read about the founder, Joe Rin­au­do, here.

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One thought on “Silent Cinema Society”

  1. Dear Joe,

    It was won­der­ful meet­ing you yes­ter­day. Thank you for com­ing. I real­ly loved your enthu­si­asm for my play. You men­tioned David Shepard’s asso­ciate who funds silent projects. I was won­der­ing if you could for­ward his name and if you have any con­tact infor­ma­tion. I would great­ly appre­ci­ate it. Thank you.

    I’m now edit­ing the tape of my play. I had it filmed two weeks ago. I’m hop­ing to get it on tv and or a cable venue. Plus I’m going to sub­mit it to dif­fer­ent the­atre fes­ti­vals across the coun­try.

    I love your web­site and your Silent Cin­e­ma Soci­ety, I hope to see you there soon. 

    Best wish­es,

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