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Guns n’ Roses n’ Rinaudo on the Fotoplayer

When Joe Rinaudo restored his Model 20 Fotoplayer over three decades ago, he never intended to play classic rock & roll on it. But the people of YouTube made sure he did. Here is one of the cleverist, perfectly timed dubs you’ll ever see and hear and LOL to. (Don’t be fooled—this is not the Huell Howser segment you saw on TV.)

89-Guns-&-RosesHere’s a poster series for anyone who is in tune with ampersands, brand names with ampersands, or Guns & Roses with an ampersand instead of their official n’ (which should really be ‘n’). AmperArt is created by Chaz DeSimone, who also restores title cards for Joe’s silent films.

If you prefer a poster with Laurel & Hardy, click here.